Little Miss Susi wants you to know that she had a horrible afternoon: I took her to the vet! You can see what she thought of the idea, sticking out her tongue at me. 😉 She’d been licking her paw until it started bleeding, so I thought I better have that checked and give her a full check-up as well. You know, with her turning 12 on April 2, it’s always good to check blood sugar and all the other important levels.

She didn’t like being poked with a needle to give some blood at all. Unfortunately the vet had a hard time finding a vein in her stubby little paws, so she got poked a lot. She got a bandage on the paw she’d been licking and a dried sheep’s ear to chew on. Let’s hope that her blood work comes back ok.

Regarding her paw, the vet suspected that she might be licking it because of some pain, probably due to her age and doxie stature. So she gave her a shot and prescribed some pain meds.