Ms. Blackbird is funny. I’m serving her food, so she doesn’t have to leave her eggs unattended. Today I brought some specials, rainworm, walnuts, and banana. She still has some apple left. When I closed the door I noticed some movement outside and saw that she disposed of the plate! She took it, shook it, and brought it to the lawn downstairs! Maybe she’s afraid that it might attract robbers.
Food for Mrs. Blackbird

It’s been cool, stormy and rainy the last week, so I’d thought she might need something. I went to pick up the plate, filled it again, and brought it to her. Again she ate some, then brought it away. This time further away, so I wouldn’t find it again! 🙂 She also took the apple to the yard; she doesn’t want any edibles around the nest.

Mrs. Blackbird wet from the rain