Last year a blackbird family had been building a nest on my balcony. Unfortunatly their four babies did not survive the first two days out of the nest and down in the yard. A cat must have got them, I just found bloody feathers spread across the lawn. Mrs. Blackbird had vanished too, just the Mister kept visiting me on my balcony.

This year he found a new wife and they chose the save bicycle shed for the critical phase of upbringing their young. Two survived. A nice and shy one, spending a lot of time with mum, and this one here, driving Mr. Blackbird nuts. 😀 He is chirping ALL the time, even while eating. And he’s eating a lot. In the end Daddy Blackbird has to lure him away by pretending there’s some imminent danger. Little Miss Susi helped him find a reason by barking a little.

The music playing in the background is Francesco de Gregori btw. I wanted YouTube to remove it, but what got removed was the birds chirping. LOL! So, I restored the original version, which unfortunately can not be watched in all countries.