Today I spent a lot of time with Mr. Blackbird, listening to music, taking pics and filming him. I guess the heat is getting to him, and raising the kids has also taken its toll. He looks rather ruffled, molt is setting in. Usually he comes over in the afternoon, takes a bath, scratches and picks at the feathers getting loose, and takes a little nap under the table.

I had only recently bought a record player and rediscovered some of the favs of my twens. One of them is the Italian singer and song writer Francesco de Gregori. I was playing the record when Mr. Blackbird came over. He seemed to find the music very relaxing and dozed off a few times. As you can see in the video (which unfortunately due to copyright restrictions can not have the faint background music that was originally there), he was moving his feet to the music. Not necessarily in rhythm, but then he might experience the music differntly than we humans do. I was wondering if he took some inspiration for future songs of his own from the melody.