Mr. Blackbird has found a new Mrs.! For about a week now she’s been coming over to check out the terrain, and eat some apple, raisins, and nuts. Sometimes they’d both been here together. She’s a bit camera shy, I had to take this one leaning out of my kitchen window, zooming in close. I’m pretty hopeful though that we’ll have little fledgelings again this year!

Old and new Mrs. Blackbird

For those of you wondering how I can be so sure that this year’s Mrs. is different from last year’s I have put together a comparison pic. They look pretty different me thinks. I had to blow up the snip of the new Mrs. Blackbird, so it’s not that sharp, still one can see that the shape of the eyes is more even. She also has less yellow on her lids and beak, and her feathers are a lighter shade of brown. I guess she’s younger, maybe a one-year-old female. As the city blackbirds with fixed territories usually keep their partners for life, it must be a young one who hasn’t had a mate yet.