I’ve been going through old photos today, trying to find out since when Mr. Blackbird and I have known each other. Seems he turned up and took over the yard at the beginning of 2012. Which means he’s at least 4 years old! The winter in 2012 was cold and we had lots of snow. I had put out food for the crows who used to come visit my balcony the summer before. That’s why there’s kibbles in the bowl. The crows used to like that.

Mr. Blackbird finding out about the food on my balcony

Mr. Blackbird used to stay on the tree opposite to my balcony, I took a pic of him there at the end of March 2012. Ever since I started putting out food on a regular basis we became friends. If you’re wondering how I know it’s been the same bird in all those years. I have been checking my pics, looking for some identifier. He has a mark on his upper right eyelid, the skin is much thicker there, with a slight fold. Maybe it’s a scar from some injury. I also found a video I took around 1:30 am on March 1,ย 2012. A blackbird was singing loud and clear, flying around in the yard. It must have been Mr. Blackbird, conquering his territory. He might have hurt his lid flying around the trees in the dark.

Here you can listen to his nightly chant.


Mr. Blackbird in the tree

In the first winter pics on my balcony the skin on his lid is thinner than on the rest of his eye, might have been around the time the injury happened. On the pic in the tree not even 2 months later the mark is clearly visible. That’s how I know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also found pics from the late Mrs., she was also attracted by the food in a time when there was nothing to be found on the ground. She had fluffed up her feathers because it was so cold.

The late Mrs. Blackbird

Her she is enjoying an over-ripe banana. She finished the whole fruit in one day. The new Mrs., however, ย doesn’t like banana at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mrs. Blackbird eating banana

About the singing in the middle of the night: I think the young male blackbirds do that when the conquer their first territory. I have heard some sing in winter, usually between midnight and two in the morning, but never in spring and not in territories that are already taken. Mr. Blackbird only did that in 2012, ever since then he stuck to singing before sundown and early in the morning, around 4:30 am in spring and early summer. Let me know in the comments if you have experienced something similar.