The little blackbirds have grown so fast! When I looked today one had already left the nest. I see mom moving around the lilac bush just underneath my balcony; I guess this is the spot they’ve chosen to raise them when they all leave their nest.

Only two left!

I did see number 2 leave, but couldn’t get the camera ready in time. Once only two were left in the nest, the egg that didn’t hatch became visible. I guess Mrs. Blackbird really left it alone too long on that first – cold and rainy – day.

Feeding the blackbird babies

The red thing is a cherry I fed the baby. The one lying in the nest is the youngest. Its elder sibling was getting ready to take off. This picture was taken only minutes before it left for the lilac bush below. Daddy had came over and ushered it to go. So only the youngest was left; the last baby! I couldn’t resist taking it out of the nest for a minute. It felt soooo incredibly soft! It didn’t seem to be too afraid of me. I had seen me from day one, and in the past days I have kept feeding them cherries, just like their parents did. The one difference being that I removed the stones before handing them over. 😀

Holding a blackbird baby

Mrs. Blackbird was taking care of the kids that had already left the nest, so the Mr. took on the responsibility of getting the last one to leave. However, the little one was still too afraid to jump down two floors.

Mr. Blackbird and kid

Here it is, trying to pick up some courage.

Last blackbird fledgling

I went inside again, doing some chores. When I returned to the balcony the baby had left the peony pot. I was wondering why Mr. Blackbird kept sitting there, staring at me, making feeble sounds.

Mr. Blackbird staring

Then I found out, the baby hadn’t left for the lilac yet, it had just jumped down from the pot and was now standing at the rim of the balcony, still finding the distance to the ground too high.

Blackbird fledgling undecided

Daddy tried to persuade it to fly all afternoon, but it just wouldn’t jump. I had an appointment and left the szene. When I returned in the evening I thought it had left, but then I heard a faint squeak. It was sitting in the lavender! What a stupid spot, exposed to craws! I couldn’t get it back in, so I went to sleep too. I didn’t sleep well though, I woke at every sound. I had left all the windows open, so that I would hear if a crow came close and rush to the rescue.

Blackbird baby in the lavender

Nothing happened though. The last baby was still in the lavender at 4 in the morning. When I tried to get it back to put it in its nest it finally found the courage to take off to the maple tree opposite my balcony. Soon after getting there dad came over and fed it a fat rainworm for being so brave.

Blackbird fledgling in lavender bush

Now we’re back to square one: a single egg lying in the nest. Look at the construction of the nest, the exposed side is enforced with mud!

Blackbird nest with egg

The nest didn’T stay empty for long though, a new “birdie” quickly moved in. 😉

A doxie birdie

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