You won’t believe what I just found when I went into the kitchen to get more cold tomato soup and some juice! MR. BLACKBIRD STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM! I mean, I had told him yesterday that he’s welcome to come inside when it’s so hot out there, but I didn’t expect him to take it literally. He quickly went outside when he saw me. And then Mrs. Blackbird flew out of the bathroom. She had some troubles finding her way out cause the window right next to the bathroom was closed so she stopped and sat in a flowerpot on my old art noveau credenza (you can see her sitting there in the pic).

I wonder what’s been driving them inside. Maybe they had observed the redstarts who had built a nest in the bathroom of the neighbors below (our bathrooms have a tiny crawl space) and thought they could do the same here. After all the bicycle shed with its glass roof is no good for raising baby birds with temperatures like this.

I’m sorry the picture quality is not that good but I only had time to grab my smartphone and take one shot before she was gone.