Mrs. Blackbird hasn’t had an easy time lately. Since I’ve put out an overripe kaki (sharon fruit) for them, Mr. Blackbird is guarding his food even against his wife. Not nice! She stops by, quickly looks if he is around, and if she can’t spot him, takes a few greedy bites. Then she proceeds to the water bowl to drink a little. She likes that spot cause even after drinking she keeps sitting there for quite a while.

Mrs. Blackbird at the water bowl

Usually he’s not far away though and finds out about the “theft” pretty soon. He just loves kaki, even more than raisins it seems, and would like to keep the whole fruit for himself.

In the afternoon he often gets tired from chasing the Mrs. and dozzes off on his watch pod.

Mr. Blackbird dozzing in the afternoon

Yawning occurs frequently too.

Mr. Blackbird yawning