Mr. Blackbird has been pretty agitated lately. A young rival has moved in the part of our yard that is just round the corner to his territory. Well, actualy he had considered that part of the yard part of his territory as well. Compared to the other blackbirds in the area he has a huge territory. Now he seems to be afraid to lose it. The young rival is probably one of his own kids from last summer. Maybe the one trying to make himself comfy on the balcony too (remember the video where I caught them quarreling over food?).

At dawn when the young one starts to tell the world where his spot is, Mr. Blackbird is flying around the part of the yard he claims to be his, giving loud shrieks of alarm. Then he settles on a high spot and starts singing his 2016 song. Which, by the way, is very different to last years song. The young one tweets in his corner as well, which makes the Mr. furious. He goes higher and higher, from the trees to the roof top, getting closer to his rival while singing, at the same time cranking up his volume a few notches as well.